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How To Earn Over $10,000 per Month with Crypto

I am going to share with you an easy trick that I am using to earn over $10,000 per month with one referral program. On top of that, the advertising is almost entirely on auto-pilot and my earnings grow every single day!

It’s so simple, you need to try this!

  1. Download the COIN app to your phone
  2. Upgrade your COIN app subscription to Pro or Master (whichever is available)
  3. Begin mining COIN everywhere you go
  4. When you are not moving, leave your device on for stationary mining
  5. Setup a COIN Boss account and message XYO support if you are placed in the beta queue (Beta is over, they will approve your account)
  6. Setup an account at
  7. Create a referral ad in COIN Boss
  8. Deposit all of the COIN you have mined into your ad account
  9. Deposit all of the COIN from your ad account into your Miny ad
  10. After the ad is approved, run the ad with all of the COIN you have mined, as you generate referrals your Miny account will start to fill up with money
  11. Convert the Miny you generate into ETH and withdraw it to KuCoin or re-invest it back into Miny Packages
  12. Purchase XYO from KuCoin with your Miny proceeds
  13. Deposit the XYO you purchased into a Meta-Mask wallet and link it to your COIN App account
  14. Start collecting HODL rewards in the COIN app daily to earn even more COIN
  15. Repeat steps 11 thru 14 as many times as possible

To jump start your earnings you can do the following:

  1. Use more phones and tablets to create 24/7 COIN App stationary miners (we suggest using Pro accounts)
  2. Refer your friends and family to start using the COIN App
  3. Buy a Sentinel to increase your in app mining rate
  4. Use a Master account (available for purchase in the Apple App Store) to Geo-Claim tiles to earn an additional 5,000+ COIN per week
  5. Buy more XYO with investment funds on KuCoin for larger HODL rewards
  6. Signup with us and get your own free copy of this referral page and promote it

That’s it! This system is so easy anyone can do it!

Here is a screenshot of our recent withdrawals, you will see that our most recent withdrawal was for $338.65, our profit for one day!

We have done all of the research and put together a system that works!

Now it is up to you to go through the steps to make this work for you so you can set yourself up to start earning serious cash!

We wish you the best of luck and hope for your success!

The CryptoBits Team