CryptoBits Directory
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How It Works

When you signup for CryptoBits you are provided access to our dashboard which allows you to promote your own copy of the CryptoBits Directory. To create your directory you need to proceed with the following steps.
  1. Setup your free account
  2. Login to you account
  3. Add your main referral codes
  4. Add your directory referral codes (optional)
  5. Use our Marketing Tips to Promote your Referral Links

Every-time someone visits the directory or signs up with your link, they will automatically be provided with your referral code when they proceed to signup with affiliate programs. The entire process is 100% automated and your referral codes will be used whenever traffic you send clicks on links. This includes if they proceed to the main directory and begin browsing affiliate links there!

This program is 100% free to use and your referral traffic is 100% free for you to keep!